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Rose Glass Skin Mist | Pack of 2

Rose Glass Skin Mist | Pack of 2

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  • Introducing our game changer Rose Glass Skin mist! This clean and natural formula is the key to achieving an instant glass skin look. With just a spritz throughout the day, your skin will be replenished with hydration, antioxidants, and calming ingredients, even in the face of daily stressors. This luxurious mist is like having your own personal glass skin genie, granting your wish for a hydrated, glassy veil, whether worn alone or under/over makeup as a skin-improving highlighter. It's refreshing, lightweight, and highly moisturizing, with a powerfully radiant glow that lasts. Imagine having glass skin on tap, anytime, anywhere!

    True to our commitment of being 100% fragrance-free, our product has no added scents. Instead, the natural extracts of roses, cucumber, and peach are used to give a delicate, fresh, and sweet aroma that provides a spa-like experience. The scent is subtle and fleeting, dissipating effortlessly, leaving behind only the rejuvenating essence of the extracts.

    A fine, fog mist that sprays out in a perfectly diffused way. Skin Type: Dry, Normal, Oily & Combination

    Skin Type
    Dry, Normal, Oily & Combination

    Helps with the following skin concerns:
    * Acne
    * Anti-aging
    * Dryness
    * Dullness
    * Fine Lines/Wrinkles
    * Redness
    * Sensitivity

    100% Worry Free: Our Rose Glass Mist is free of harmful ingredients and formulated with high safety standards. You can trust our worry-free, clean, and effective formula for your skin.

    Key Ingredients
    The Suroskie Rose Glass Skin Mist contains a variety of super skin ingredients, including: * Peach Extract: rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids to keep skin firm, radiant, and resilient.
    * Reishi Mushroom: a centuries-old adaptogen that helps combat visible signs of damage, inflammation, and redness. It's rich in beta-glucans that draw water from the environment for deep hydration.
    * Lotus Extract: potent antioxidants and flavonoids fight damage and boost brightening powers.
    * Cica: a K-beauty star ingredient that calms and soothes the skin in the face of daily stressors.
    * Ceramides: fortify the skin barrier and protect from external aggressors.
    * Hyaluronic Acid complex: a proprietary complex of short, medium, and long weight molecules that hydrate every skin layer.
    * Licorice: a natural skin glow-getter for radiance.
    * Vitamin E: strengthens the skin and boosts vitamins found in other extracts.
    * Aloe: soothes and replenishes.
    * Roses: perfect for all skin types, especially dry skin, due to their incredibly deep moisturizing properties. Rose essential oils protect the skin against UV damage and delay the appearance of wrinkles.
    * Cucumber Water: this refreshing water is soothing and rich in antioxidants.

    How to use:
    There are 3 ways to use this Mist:
    * Spritz liberally through the day on bare skin for glass skin on-demand.
    * Spritz before applying makeup or in between makeup layers for bounce and glow.
    * Spritz over makeup to set and revive makeup with a glassy, highlight effect.

    Ingredients :
    Aqua, glycerine, rose ( rosa damascene), wkater , propylene glycol, peach ( prunus persica) fruit extract, centella asiatics extract, madecassic acid, lotus root extracts, bamboo extract, burdock root extract, mulberry leaf extract, hylaronic acid , ceramide, butylene glycol, aloe vera extract, licorice root extract, tocopherol acetate oil, globulus leaf extract, vitamin e oil, sodium citrate, mushroom extract, rose petal, angelica leaf extract, mythylpropanediol, 1-2 haxenediol, propanediol, ethylexyl palmitate, phytosphingosine, citric acid, niacinamide, phosphoric acid, ethylhexyl glycerin, asiatic acid, cholesterol, polyglyceryl-10, oleate.

    Net Quantity :
    100 ML + 100 ML

    Best before 24 months from date of manufacture.

    FDA Approved | USDA Organic | Dermotolocically Tested

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