About Us

Welcome to Suroskie, where the journey of radiant skincare began in the heart of a home. Founded by Deepali Bansal, a passionate homemaker, our brand emerged from the humble surroundings of her garage. What started as a personal quest for effective skincare solutions blossomed into a brand that revolutionizes the beauty industry.

As the brand gained momentum, Puneet Bansal, a seasoned marketing expert and brother-in-law to Deepali, joined forces. Together, their unique blend of homemaking warmth and marketing prowess has propelled Suroskie to new heights.

Driven by a commitment to quality and innovation, Suroskie is not just a skincare brand; it's a movement that is changing the game. From the intimacy of a home to the global beauty arena, our products reflect the dedication, care, and expertise that Deepali and Puneet bring to the table.

At Suroskie, we believe in the transformative power of self-care. Our formulations are crafted with precision, blending tradition with modern science to create skincare solutions that cater to diverse needs. Join us on this journey of redefining beauty standards and unlocking the true potential of your skin.

Experience the wonders of Suroskie – where skincare meets passion, and radiant transformations unfold. Embrace a new era in skincare with us.