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Pack of 3 - Rose Petals Melt Cleanser - Hydrating Facewash

Pack of 3 - Rose Petals Melt Cleanser - Hydrating Facewash

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  • Description
  • Introducing the Rose Petals Melt Cleanser - a modern 2 in 1 cleanser that effectively removes makeup, SPF, excess oil, and impurities without leaving any residue or causing breakouts. Unlike traditional oil cleansers that may leave behind mascara residue or cause breakouts, the Rose Petals Melt Cleanser effortlessly melts away even the toughest makeup and SPF, leaving your white towels stain-free.

    With just a few splashes of water, there's no need to tug at your skin with tissues or cloths, and you'll be left with spotless skin that's refreshed and balanced. This non-drying, non-clogging cleanser is suitable for all skin types and features antioxidant-rich ginger, clarifying pineapple and papaya, and soothing sunflower seed and grapeseed oils. Say goodbye to oiliness, waxiness, and greasiness and say hello to clean, balanced, and refreshed skin.

    True to our commitment of being 100% fragrance-free, our product has no added scents. Instead, the natural extracts of roses, cucumber, and peach are used to give a delicate, fresh, and sweet aroma that provides a spa-like experience. The scent is subtle and fleeting, dissipating effortlessly, leaving behind only the rejuvenating essence of the extracts.

    Comforting and silky with the just-right amount of slip.

    Skin Type
    Dry, Normal, Oily & Combination
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