Eye & Face Essentials

Rs. 3,479 Rs. 4,999

SF201 – Fan Brush : Give your face the perfect glow and highlight it as much as you want! The bristle density allows soft diffusion of the product, giving you the shine you need 

SF202 – Highlighter Brush : Highlight the edges and the corners, the upper lip and the nose. Give your look the perfect essence to it with our highlighting brush.

SF203 – Blush Brush : Complete your look with the seamless blush blended into your skin with our handcrafted blush brush! For the cheeky magnificent effect.

SF204 – Bronzer Brush : Sculpt your face and create stunning illusions with our bronzer brush! Get the perfect shape with this high quality tool.

SF205 – Flat Foundation Brush : Engineered to provide a comfortable hold and smooth application, this brush is perfect for applying foundation, primer and moisturiser. Infuses in the skin and does wonders.

SF206 – Large Powder Brush : Effortlessly apply powder formulas on your face and blend it beautifully and artistically for the flawless touch to your face.

SF207 – Round Foundation Brush : Get an equal and streak-free finish look with our carefully crafted round brush. Your go to brush for cream, gel and liquid formulas.

SE301 – Eyeliner Brush : Our Eyeliner brush is an ultra-light, fine tip liner brush with soft bristles to effortlessly pick up the right amount of gel or liquid liner. Use it with eyeshadow to create a similar effect and add more glam to your look! 

SE302 – Dual Eyebrow Brush : This dual ended brush, one end a spoolie and on other an angled brush is perfect for expertly applying brow gels, powders, cream and waxes with utmost ease! 

SE303 – Dome Eyeshadow Brush : Designed with a purpose for smoking out and diffusing any shadow in the crease of your eye socket. Add natural dimension to the crease for any eye look! Best for pressed eyeshadows and loose powders!

SF304 – Petit Eye Blending Brush : The petite eye blending  brush applies, smudges and blends cream and powder eyeshadows with high precision. From highlighting the inner corners of your eye to smoothly blending over your eyeliner, this is your go to brush.

SE305 – Fluffy Large Blending Brush : Add a pop of color on the eyelid or smoothly blend the crease, with our Fluffy Large Blending Brush. Gives and even and soft eye look! 

SE306 – Eye Blender Brush : Blend and create the perfect color base shadow into the crease of the eyelid for a soft finish and diffuse and eyeshadow effortlessly with our blending brush! 

SE307 – All Over Shader Brush : Apply loose and pressed eyeshadows on the entire eyelid in a magnificent way! This eye brush easily picks up and softly diffuses the product for a natural look. 

SE308 – Flat Shadow Brush : A must have makeup brush that picks up applies shadows evenly across your eyelid in the most seamless and natural way.

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