Buy our Master Set on Instalments

Buy our Master Set on Instalments

Hello Suroskie Family💕
We love each on of you and care about you! We know sometimes, our pockets doesn’t allow to us to buy things we really want to! 🌸

We leave it in our cart and slowly, it goes out of stock😟

We’ve found out a perfect option for you al! Afford luxury easily, you can buy our professional makeup brush set easily in 2 simple interest less EMIs! 🦋🦋🦋

Isn’t that a happy news! 💕

Rules for the availing the above offer:

• Available for Delhi NCR people only
• 50% payment is to be done beforehand and rest 50% after 30 days
• You will have to deposit an identity card along with address proof
• Late fine will be applicable if the second hapf payment exceeds the due date
• We will require a confirmation through mail to all these conditions

Suroskie India controls the discretion to refuse anyone for the offer. Failing in paying the full amount with in due date will lead to legal formalities.